Geraldine Griffin, MA Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy, BA Advanced Dip Education, UKCP Accredited, Member of Irish Council for Psychotherapy

My background is in the education sector where I worked for over 26 years as a teacher, manager and school counsellor.

I learned mindfulness meditation, over two and a half decades ago and this gave me a first-hand experience of the transformative effect of mindfulness. Mindfulness practice helped me to ‘get out of my head’; reorient towards meaning and purpose; and engage more creatively with others. Meditation is now a daily practice that keeps me open to an awareness that acts like a sort or ‘radar’ from where I can orient my life.

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I was inspired to train as a Mindfulness-based Psychotherapist over sixteen years ago when I heard of the acclaimed Karuna Institute, Devon ( Just click here to visit Currently I am engaged in further Contemplative, Mindfulness-based Supervision Training at the Institute (Karuna in Sanskrit means compassion).

Mindfulness-based / Core Process is a leading edge mindfulness-oriented therapy that combines ancient wisdom practices on mindfulness and compassion with western psychotherapeutic theory. I am a fully accredited and registered member of the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy since 2013 ( Just click here to visit and a member of the Irish Council for Psychotherapy.

I specialise in working with teenagers, young adults and those suffering from anxiety. Formerly, I trained as an Educational Psychotherapist (this training was founded on a psychodynamic psychotherapy approach) and graduated with an Advanced Diploma from Roehampton Institute in 1995. I have many years experience of working directly with children/young adults with emotional and behavioural difficulties as well as physical disabilities and sensory impairments.

Before setting up in private practice as a Mindfulness-based Psychotherapist working with adults as well as children, I managed a team of advisory teachers/educational consultants in Tower Hamlets, London offering services to school/college staff in order to meet the needs of their students and to promote inclusion.

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